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Wai'anae Post Stamp Sticker

Wai'anae Post Stamp Sticker

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Wai'anae Post Stamp Sticker

Located on the western side of O'ahu, Wai'anae is a large county home to multiple ahupua'a such as: Nānākuli, Mā'ili, and Mākaha.

Pictured here is an Oceanic Damselfly, or Pinapinao, sheltering from the coastal wind in one of the Upper Mākua Caves. Once widespread throughout the Hawaiian Islands, these beautiful insects are now only found in a minuscule portion of their historic range. 

This sticker is part of our stamp collection.

⁂ Details ⁂

∙ 2” Premium Vinyl 

 UV Laminated

∙ Weatherproof & waterproof for 3-5 years

∙ Designed and Printed in Hawai’i

∙ Original Illustration by Chloé Selarque

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