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Nā Pali Coast Post Stamp Sticker

Nā Pali Coast Post Stamp Sticker

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Nā Pali Coast Post Stamp Sticker 

The Nā Pali Coast spans 17 miles along the Northern side of Kauai. It is considered a sacred place marked by its astonishing cliffs, soaring upwards of 4,000 ft, to its deep, narrow valleys and secluded sparkling shores. 

Interesting note: the spelling of 'Nā Pali/Nāpali' meaning 'The Cliffs' varies depending on multiple factors including where the speaker is from or where the word is found within literature. 

This sticker is part of our stamp collection.

⁂ Details ⁂

∙ 2” Premium Vinyl 

 UV Laminated

∙ Weatherproof & waterproof for 3-5 years

∙ Designed and Printed in Hawai’i

∙ Original Illustration by Chloé Selarque

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