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Holographic ‘Ulu Sticker

Holographic ‘Ulu Sticker

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Holographic ‘Ulu

Medicinal uses and benefits of ‘Ulu:

The breadfruit leaves are even believed to have medicinal properties that can alleviate asthma, cure ear and skin infections, and ease toothaches.

Breadfruit root and leaves are taken by mouth for arthritis, back pain, diabetes, fever, gout, high blood pressure, and liver disease. Breadfruit latex is taken by mouth for diarrhea and stomach pain.

Breadfruit root and leaves are applied to the skin for boils, burns, ear infections, herpes, skin infections, sore or tired eyes, and thrush. Breadfruit latex is applied to the skin for broken bones, sprains, and sciatica.

⁂ Details ⁂

∙ Holographic vinyl sticker

∙ approx 3” tall

∙ Designed and Printed in Hawai’i

∙ Original Illustration by Chloé Selarque





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