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SECONDS ✷ Ka'ena Point Post Stamp Pin
SECONDS ✷ Ka'ena Point Post Stamp Pin
SECONDS ✷ Ka'ena Point Post Stamp Pin
SECONDS ✷ Ka'ena Point Post Stamp Pin

SECONDS ✷ Ka'ena Point Post Stamp Pin

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Imperfect but still worthy of your love. 

Description of flaw:
Scratches on the metal or enamel, under-filled or over-filled enamel, missing details, smudges, misplaced ink, excessive texture, unevenly cured screenprint, blemishes on the backside or other types of flaws. 

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Ka'ena Point Post Stamp Pin

A charm for remembering this beautiful place on O’ahu.

Located on the westernmost tip of O'ahu, this sacred place is believed to be the jumping off point of souls from one realm to another. It is a place protecting a number of Hawaiian flora and fauna including: 'Ilioholoikauaua (Hawaiian Monk Seal) and 'Ua'u kani (Wedge-tailed Shearwater). The sun's powerful rays are felt in contrast with the ocean's spray which leaves behind traces of salt on your skin.

Pictured here are mōlī (Laysan Albatross). These seabirds spend 90% of their lives at sea and in inflight. The oldest mōlī observed in the wild was a 68 year old named Wisdom!

The plant featured on this card is 'Ohai (Sesbania tomentosa) - an endangered species of flowering plant endemic to Hawai'i. 

This pin is part of our stamp collection.

⁂ Details ⁂

∙ 1.5” Hard enamel pin

∙ Shiny gold finish.

∙ Double-post pin back

∙ Gold pinch-clasps or upgrade to *Deluxe Gold locking clasps 

∙ Logo backstamp

∙ Fully illustrated double-sided backing card

∙ Original Illustration by Chloé Selarque

Notice : Pins are sharp/have small parts & are not intended for children. Please be aware of your safety and those around you. Pins are individually made by hand so some irregularity can be expected - no two pins are ~exactly~ the same.

*Deluxe Gold locking clasps are an excellent choice for those wanting extra security - the locking clasp keeps your pin in place and won’t accidentally fall off. No more lost pins! To open: lift top lip up to release clasp.

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